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1 General

1.1 Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions can be found on this page

1.2 Where can I find the Privacy Policy?

The Privacy Policy can be found on back page

1.3 Customer

Our customer service by mail accessible [email protected]

1.4 How can I contact customer service?

Do you have a question, comment or complaint? You can then send an email via our customer service form, which you can find on the right side of this page. You always get an answer within 24 hours (usually even within a few hours).

1.5 I have a complaint, what now?  

For complaints, please contact us by sending [email protected] an email. We will do everything to resolve. These to your satisfaction We strive to answer your mail. Within hours You have in any case within 24 hours to respond.

2 Returns

2.1 How can I cancel an order / return?

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can of course return it. We strive to keep up with their purchase at Satisfy all our customers

Follow this procedure for returning carefully:

1) Take within 14 days of receipt to the following address contact our customer service:

Returns you need to log in via [email protected] state the:

- Address
- Invoice number
- Reason for return (Optional)

2) After confirming our customer send the purchased product back to us within 7 days. Use for returning the return form and send it together with your product back to us. You can return form here download. You also need a copy of your invoice to send. Follow the steps shown on our website send and return.

3) Once we have received the goods in good order within a few days you will receive this confirmation. Then we will refund the purchase price as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days.

To make the deposit of the purchase price right back to the bag / purse (product) to a number of conditions:

  • The products may be viewed but not (intensive) worn.
  • When we see that the product is used extensively, do not claim more on your right to return.
  • All returned products must be in the original undamaged packaging if reasonably possible. Sent in a normal condition and good to us

2.2 Where can I present my return package?

A return package should be sent to the nearest post office.

2.3 Do I have to pay shipping when I send my order return or wants to trade?  

The cost of returning will be for your own account and risk. Unstamped or postage due will be refused.
If you want to exchange a product please return the product in the manner described in   shipping and returns . always fill in the return the return form!

Once we receive your product sent back we will return as soon as possible the purchase price of the return received bag deposit to your account.

3 Shipping

3.1 What are the costs of sending?

The cost for sending (only west europe) amounts 15 euro when you spend under 50 euro, -. When spending from 50 euro , - will be no shipping charge!

3.2 I get a confirmation if my product is shipped?

If you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Once the products are actually shipped, you will also be informed via e-mail here.

3.3 How do you ship the items?

All our products are sent via TNT Post. In many cases this just go along with the letter, so you will not have to stay. Home Fits an order is not in the mailbox, we will ship it via parcel TNT. It calls the postman to you, to transfer the parcel. To you Are unfortunately not at home, the postman will deliver your parcel at the neighbors, give again later or leave a note that you can pick up at the Post Office. Checkout later

3.4 What is your delivery time?

After we have received the total amount of your order will make every effort to ship your order the same day, however, please note that when you on Friday after 17:00 and on weekends with us Orders can only be placed this. shipped on Monday The items in stock will be sent to the customer as soon as possible. For most items money that most products are delivered (within the Netherlands). Within 1-2 business days

We are dependent on the delivery mode of PostNL. When unexpected PostNL late delivery we can not help it.

See the chart below for more information:

You ordered:

Ordered for:

Who worried

On what day concerned:






















All day




All day



Because orders placed over the weekend are only delivered on Tuesday. PostNL often ordered not post on Monday

Please note shipping to foreign countries 4-5 business days.

3.5 Can I track the package when you sent it? works with Paypal, you will receive via email a track and trace code so you can track the package. Using the site PostNL In that e-mail is all the info you need to follow. Your package

4 Warranty

4.1 How long is the warranty?  

Of course, all our products are made with great care. Should it occur that there is something wrong with any of our products, please do not hesitate to claim the warranty. Because you have standard warranty on all our products as the law gives it to consumers. Obviously damage caused by misuse (dropping etc.) excluded from the guarantee. You have no warranty on wear and intentional infliction of damage to your purchased product.

4.2 What do you mean satisfaction guarantee?

A sale is not concluded at the time that you have seen and approved the article!
After receipt of the item you have 14 days right of withdrawal. You may exchange the item for a different size or simply return if you are not satisfied with what you ordered, but always take first contact with us if you want to return something. You can contact us by sending an email [email protected] .

4.3 How does it work if I want to make a warranty? Claim

Do you want to claim the warranty, you must contact via [email protected] with us. You will asap instructions on further handling.

5 Sizes

5.1 How do I know what the right size is?

With each belt is shown in which the available sizes and the relationship to the known clothing sizes:

Size: 85 This is suitable for a radius of 80 to 90 cm
Size: 95 This is suitable for a radius of 90 to 100 cm
Size: 105 This is suitable for a periphery of 100 to 110 cm
Size: 115 This is suitable for a circumference of from 110 to 120 cm
Size: 125 This is suitable for a radius of 120 to 130 cm
Size: 135 This is suitable for a radius of 130 to 140 cm

Size of the belt
To determine the exact size carefully, you can also measure the circumference of the body where you want to wear (eg your hip or waist) the belt. Then choose the belt in number centimeters most comes close:

You measure 86 inches, for example, choose only 85. Do you measure 92 cm, choose size 95. Whether you measure 107 cm, choose size 105 etc. etc.

Note to (wide) straps around your waist

Take care so well, that you are measuring on the spot where you want to wear the belt. If you choose for example a (wide) belt that you wear around your waist then you might need more than you are used to wearing another measurement.

5.2 Can I choose different sizes?

For most belts you can choose from various sizes. These sizes are listed per ream.

6 Information about our products

6.1 Are the belts, bags and purses of real leather?

We only sell 100% genuine leather products.

7 Payment

7.1 Is payment secure?  

Payment via is 100% secure. You run no risk.

7.2 In what ways can I pay?

With us you have multiple payment options. All our methods of payment are guaranteed safe. You can choose from the following options: Ideal, Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. 
The most common and convenient way to pay is by Ideal. After your order you automatically log in to the website of your bank to easily complete the payment. (As in Internet banking) off
Payment by Ideal is fastest, is very easy and safe course.

Of course you can also pay by credit card, this works as fast as Ideal and is also completely safe.

7.3 How long does it take for my payment has been processed?

The payment and processing iDeal, PayPal or bank transfer happens at by SEOshop Payments (our online payment system). This ensures that your product can be sent faster and can be your new purchase. Enjoyed it faster

7.4 Are the prices shown include VAT?

All prices shown include VAT at


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